Custom Movies & Photos

What would you like me to do for you?

Perhaps wear a special outfit whilst I transfer?

What about a particular activity?

Whatever your wish (within reason and provided it´s safe) I can produce a custom movie or photo pack for you.

Each custom item is priced according to your request, so if you´d like to complete this form I´ll be in touch to discuss the specifics and give you a quotation.

Depending upon my work schedule, I am to fulfil all custom requests within 28 days.

Payment: 50% is required prior to filming and 50% on completion. You´ll then be able to download your custom item from, or if you prefer we can put it on DVD and ship to your location.

Guarantee: You custom movie or photo pack is just for YOU. I guarantee that you custom items will never be sold on Candisland or used for marketing. They´re exclusive and special!



Request Form

Your Name:
Type: Photo Pack         Movie
Please enter a brief description of what you´d like in your Custom Movie or Photo Pack, we´ll be in touch with you to discuss the specifics (script, location, clothing, activities, etc), but i´d like a general idea beforehand.

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